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Looking For A New Workout, Ladies? This Club Will Make Sure That You Don't Get Bored

Looking For A New Workout, Ladies? This Club Will Make Sure That You Don't Get Bored

What do we want? To be fit. When do we want it? Now. Why don't we have it? Because we are lazy AF. #FirstWorldProblems! All this is about to change though. How, you ask? Well, we found a fitness club in the city that will keep pushing us to get out of bed and do better without being as nagging as our mom. Meet Fitness First.

Misery Does Love Company


At Fitness First, boredom doesn't stand a chance. You get to try Freestyle Group Training where expert trainers guide you through a great workout without the sense of monotony creeping in. But the best part is that you get your motivation from the others who are just as lazy as you. Imagine sharing your pain, gain and victories with a set of people that are going through the same thing. Isn't that the most 'bro' thing ever?

The Lone Wolf


And when working out in a group gets embarrassing {crying tears of pain} we can opt for one-on-one training offer. Personal training that involves a customised regimen to help achieve our goals. Plus, this is an introduction towards things we haven't heard of, like BOSU balls, battle ropes, sledging and more.

A Chill Space


There is no pressure to keep up with anyone. Every workout at Fitness First is adjusted based on an individual's pace and stamina. There is no pushing, no boot camp {unless that is your thing} and no rushing. We can take breaks when we want, have water cooler conversations {aka gossip station} and then get back to working out.

A #Femmetastic Environment


Kickboxing, functional training, group workouts, strength building… Fitness First promises all these things but what comes with it are amazing trainers, a chance to meet like-minded people, and to have fun while working out. The place is women-friendly and there is no judgement, no scrutiny and literally nobody counting your sets.

So, We're Saying...

Gear up ladies, we have some calories to lose.

Follow Fitness First on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get more information on the clubs.

And if you have made up your mind on heading there, visit their website to check out the club timetables

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