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Fitness First Muscles Its Way Into Noida

Fitness First Muscles Its Way Into Noida

Suits and citizens of Noida, listen to this: if you have an excuse to be out of shape, Fitness First has a counter argument.

This new fitness club is setting up a 7,000 square feet space in DLF Mall of India, Noida, where technology, science and energy come together to create exhilarating experiences. See below their responses to all your lame excuses.

Excuse #1: I Have No Time

The club offers special 24-minute fitness fixes, quick workouts that you can squeeze into your busy schedule. So. Stop. Whining.

Excuse#2: I Need My Own Space

Spread over 7,000 square feet and divided into six fitness zones (FreeStyle Zone, Cardio Zone, Strength Zone, Boxing Zone, Cycing Studio & Group Exercise Zone), you will never be pressed for space at Fitness First. Yes, no one will put Baby in a corner.  

Excuse #3: Going To A Gym Is A Snooze Fest

Fitness First ensures that they’re at the forefront of fitness technology, and are equipped with all the latest gear to keep you intrigued and interested. Stage Bikes and Box Master (part of the boxing zone) beckon you to visit. Plus, their expert personal trainers will make it worth your while.

Excuse #4: The Gym Is Too Generic

Their specially designed FIIT workouts enable you to move better and faster, get stronger and last longer. They target specific problem areas and are designed to maximize fat burn, boost metabolism, improve posture and “chisel your core”.

Still thinking up excuses? Stop! Drop and give us 50 while we put together all the information you need to sign up. Don't miss out on the early bird offers! See below details.  

Getting there: Call 9205684762,for details or signup Here

Article Published by Brown Paper Bag

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