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Fitness First now open in NOIDA

Fitness First now open in NOIDA

As we are expanding so is our workout space. Here is the list why every Fitness Freak should check it out.

What Is It?

Fitness First is expanding! The club is in Noida {finally!}. 16 or 60, motivated or lazy, a fitness freak or not, this new workout space is open to all. So, in 2018, your workout space moves to Mall Of India! Are you pumped or what?

Who Is It For?

Come one, come all. With over 7,000 sq feet area, you can legit run, jump, and dance your way to a fitter you {remember, New Year New You?}. If you are done with the old-school gymming, then there are other options such as boxing, cycling & freestyle to get you started!

Why Should I Go?


Because lusting after those hot bods on Instagram is not going to get you the abs you want. There is no monotonous treadmill and weights every day. If you get bored easily, there are 6 fitness zones within the club, such as FreeStyle, Cardio, Strength, Boxing, Cycling Studio & Group Exercise Zone.

Anything Else?

Of course! Fitness First does not take any shortcuts when it comes to fitness, so expect a customised schedule based on your entire work-up of BMI, body structure, stamina, strength, time, etc. When you are working on goals, you need a little motivation and this place is going to give you all that and more. The club opened officially in April, but you need to register now for some killer offers!

Call them on  01206229600 or visit here for registration

Follow Fitness First on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and if your want to know what the place looks like, see this video.

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hi when is it opening? what are early bird prices?

I accept the Terms & Conditions: 
I accept the Terms & Conditions


Details pls

I accept the Terms & Conditions: 
I accept the Terms & Conditions

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