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Zumba: Not just for women

Zumba: Not just for women

The melodic background of a Zumba class can sometimes camouflage its explosive fitness power. Don’t be fooled. While Zumba may be designed around dance, it is, and has always been, a fitness program.

And it’s a fitness program that’s created to be inclusive. For men, women, even kids, for the young, the older, for someone fit, for someone new to fitness. Zumba is for everyone.

If you’re wondering whether Zumba is for you, here’s a quick rundown of all the wonderful things this dance powered fitness class can do for you.

1. Smash your weight loss goals: Zumba is a great cardio workout that helps you burn significant calories. Because the class is fun, sometimes you forget how hard you’re working. A few months later, you’re stepping on the scale, lighter and happier.

2. Mobility training: The turns and twirls in Zumba are a great way to get the body moving more optimally. Your body learns to respond quickly and move more efficiently as you salsa, merengue and cha-cha-cha your way to fitness.

3. Mind and body coordination: Many men swear off Zumba because they feel the routines can be too complicated, but hang in there, guys, because your mind works as hard as your body does in a Zumba class. When that happens, you actually end up working much harder and more mindfully. The result is results. Weight loss, toning, and coordination, balance… the list goes on!

4. Every muscle in the body gets worked: The movements in a Zumba class put every part of your physical body to work in some way or the other, in a way that no other class can do. Legs, arms, core, hips and butt are all slaves to the rhythms of this dance bootcamp.

5. There’s no work in this workout: Dancing is fun, and there’s good reason why Zumba is called a workout party. Before you know it, you’ve smashed it out for an hour, burned several hundred calories and given your whole body a massive workout. And you don’t know where the time went.

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