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5 benefits of spinning you did not know about

5 benefits of spinning you did not know about

Yes, spinning or indoor cycling is known to be a smashing cardio workout leaving you with jelly legs and the feeling of having burnt a million calories. And indeed it is a great way to keep your heart healthy. But there’s more to an RPM or spin class than just it’s cardio advantages.

1. Your legs get a massive workout: The different stages or phases of each class target the larger and smaller muscles in your legs, giving you a very satisfying lower body workout. Want great calves and quads? RPM is a good way to get them.

2. Your health improves overall, not just cardio health: It improves your blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, can help control diabetes, and helps prevent heart disease

3. It’s great for the mind: Spinning has been shown to help with anxiety, stress and depression.

4. It’s safe for expectant moms: RPM is both safe and incredibly beneficial for pregnant women. Not only does it keep mom’s heart stronger, but it also helps towards easing childbirth.

5. Cycling indoors is better than cycling outdoors: With traffic and pollution being what they are, it’s safer and healthier to get off the streets and get into class. You get the benefit of getting on a bike, without the worry of getting run over or smogged over.


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5 benefits of spinning you did not know about

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